Nuri (songjewel) wrote in nccrafts,

Anyone getting rid of a Serger?

Hey Everybody,

Anyone trying to get rid of a used Serger, or know someone that is? (The closer to the Charlotte area, the better. However, I am willing to drive as far as the Triangle to pick one up because I can visit my family while I'm there.)

I'm looking for a low-priced Serger. I know there are a few cheap models I can get new for about $150-$200. I also know I have a ton of friends who are into sewing...and those friends have friends too! I know some people are trying to sell some things off to bring in some extra cash. Some of you might even have a few different Sergers. So, if anyone is looking to get rid of one (and will take about $150 or less for it, depending on brand/model), please let me know!

Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you know of someone from whom I might be able to work out a deal. I have large bins of fabric in my apartment that I'd like to make some nicer garments out of, and I want to have nicely finished seams. I have placed a moratorium on the buying of new supplies until I use up a significant amount of what I've got at home.

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